Solution: USDFI P4P

Enter USDFI P4P: Full tech stack for all your token liquidity needs.

With USDFI, we can guide you through a simple whitelisting process and help you with the setup of your pools. More importantly, liquidity incentivization on USDFI is based on bribing (think Curve, Convex, Solidly) and not on maintaining a high APY by supplying more and more of your own token. A bribing mechanism is proven to be more capital efficient.*

The USDFI P4P flywheel gives you:

  • Better liquidity for your tokens at a fraction of the cost, but with a full tech stack

  • The opportunity to earn fees on your own liquidity

  • The solution to stop diluting existing token holders

  • Reduced sell pressure on your token

  • Liquidity of your token with “all of DeFi”

  • A positive feedback loop boosting price, rewards and liquidity

  • Best-in-class protocol security guaranteed by an auditor with outstanding reputation

For partnership and whitelisting inquiries, please contact us via

*For reference

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