The USDFI vision

USDFI is the first Universal DeFi Bank: Liquidity, lending and stablecoin in one place

  • USDFI is crypto’s first live implementation of the Universal Banking model

  • The protocol powers a truly decentralized currency

  • Security is guaranteed by Chainsecurity of Zurich, Switzerland

  • USDFI is the Superdapp

With DeFi, the power and sovereignty of money is moved back into the hands of the users. However, DeFi today lacks user experience. It's a complicated network of specialised protocols where users need to jump from one place to another to find the services they need. This is challenging, costly, and risky. Users feel frustrated as fees, complexity, and time add up. That’s not a good thing. There’s an opportunity.

USDFI introduces a DeFi solution that provides a complete DeFi ecosystem under one roof. The protocol brings your digital asset experience into one place, one stop.

Liquidity, lending, and native stablecoin are integrated into one financial stack. This delivers a seamless user experience and helps crypto users interact with all DeFi services without jumping from one protocol to another. USDFI allows you to do what you already do better, more often, in more ways, and more quickly.

STABLE is the protocol's native and value-generating governance token with a unique protocol-based, perpetual buyback mechanism. USDFI, the ecosystem's stablecoin, introduces a novel decentralised stablecoin design. It offers real censorship resistance and full, uncompromised on-chain transparency with proof of reserves. The stablecoin design doesn't depend on infrastructure and decisions of other protocols and has no limitations on scalability or autonomy.

With USDFI, security is the most important thing. USDFI is the only dedicated DeFi protocol globally with a ChainSecurity audit on BSC and offers best-in-class security. Supported by the Ethereum Foundation, ChainSecurity is deeply rooted in ETH Zurich (Switzerland), one of the leading universities for Computer Science in the world. Today, Chainsecurity is responsible for the security of the biggest names in blockchain and DeFi worldwide, safeguarding the Ethereum Blockchain itself and other leading protocols such as MakerDAO, Lido, Curve Finance, AAVE, Compound, Uniswap, Polkadot, and 1inch.

With USDFI, you don’t need to trust anyone. That’s the promise. The only thing you need to trust is the math. Everything at USDFI is transparent, immutable, and verifiable to all.

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