Stablecoin overview


  • USDFI is the soft-pegged stablecoin of the USDFI protocol
  • USDFI has a novel stablecoin design focussing on max decentralization, unrestricted scalability & stability as a function of time
  • USDFI is a truly decentralised DeFI currency: It does not rely on any USD-linked assets
  • USDFI is backed by all revenues, cash flows and the undepletable protocol-owned liquidity (POL) of the entire USDFI cryptoeconomic system
  • USDFI does not rely on overcollateralization and offers max capital efficiency
  • USDFI is, by design, unstable first but stable at last: It resolves the stablecoin trilemma over time. It MUST depeg to work. Users frontrun or trade the depeg in line with time preference
  • USDFI is a low vs high time preference marketplace: The long-term expected return is always positive as all depegs are transitory
  • USDFI is the only stablecoin in crypto with a fully automated, protocol-based contingency plan in case of a depeg
  • USDFI holders can get bribes & protocol fees if they lock USDFI


  • Users can lock USDFI up to 4 years and get veUSDFI
  • A 4-year lock max boosts all fees, bribes and rewards earned - and max boosts voting power, too
  • veUSDFI allows users to vote on pool gauges
  • USDFI is ALWAYS worth USD $1 of voting weight in the protocol, offering a) an immediate arbitrage opportunity and b) a return-on-investment (ROI) boost on all fees, bribes and rewards earned
  • USDFI is one half of the revolutionary dual-ve design, crypto's first anti-fragile ve-Tokenomics
  • Dual-ve features a governance token with high price volatility (STABLE) and a stablecoin with low price volatility (USDFI), enabling users to trade volatility and time preference