Where to find more information

How do I use the USDFI Protocol?

Please find detailed instructions in our Help Center on Gitbook

How does USDFI Protocol design work?

For your reference, our working paper can be found here

Where can I learn more about USDFI or STABLE?

Telegram: https://t.me/USDFI Twitter: https://twitter.com/stable_usdfi Github: https://github.com/USDFI Medium: https://medium.com/@usdfi Discord: https://discord.com/invite/MjvpF8UwB4

Where’s your roadmap?

Available on our Gitbook here: https://docs.usdfi.com

Where’s your white paper?

The working paper is on our Gitbook (follow the “Help Center” link), including the analysis of the dual-ve design. The white paper should follow late 2023.

You didn’t answer my question in this FAQ. What am I supposed to do?

Visit us on Telegram to get help! Please join here: https://t.me/USDFI

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