How to become an USDFI affiliate

USDFI's affiliate program is fully on-chain and enables powerful cash rewards!

What sets the USDFI Affiliate Program apart?

USDFI offers all users the opportunity to participate in their unique Affiliate Program - in addition to the regular features such as Lending/Borrowing, DEX, and others. To obtain an Affiliate Link, it is important to distinguish between the USDFI Community Sale and the period after the launch of the DEX.
During the Community Sale, members receive a referral bonus for inviting others to participate in the sale and purchase at least $0.1 worth of STABLE. This referral bonus amounts to 10% of the deposited amount in BUSD and is distributed directly to the referral's wallet via Smart Contract, without the need for a back-office or waiting for payouts.
In other words: You can earn 10% of ALL funding you refer during the Community Sale! Example: You refer a sale worth $100, you get $10 worth of BUSD immediately deposited to your wallet.
USDFI's Affiliate Program is based on blockchain technology, which ensures that referrers are rewarded immediately, without worrying about payout procedures or other issues. Moreover, the distribution in the form of BUSD guarantees that users receive real cash immediately available for withdrawal... or for the purchase of more STABLE and USDFI!
Step 1: Click on your sponsor's affiliate link
Step 2: Connect your favourite wallet on the USDFI Community Sale page (use the "Connect Wallet" button)
Step 3: Choose from a large list of supported tokens and and buy STABLE worth at least USD $0.1 to active your referral on the blockchain and your wallet
Step 4: Your own affiliate link will be displayed as "Active" in the dashboard. Now your personal affiliate link is ready to be shared.
NOTE: Both "Invited" and "Active" must have a green "YES" status before you can copy your affiliate link to the clipboard!

Affiliate rewards after protocol launch in May 2023

Following the launch of the protocol, there will be a referral bonus of 2% available for each affiliate registering as an affiliate during the Community Sale.
This bonus is structured as follows:
Level 1: 1.2% of all rewards generated through liquidity and bribes.
Level 2: 0.6% of all rewards generated through liquidity and bribes.
Level 3: 0.2% of all rewards generated through liquidity and bribes.
For example, if User 1 shares their affiliate link with another person who in turn shares their own affiliate link with two more users, User 1 will receive a total of 2% of all rewards earned by these three users. The payout will be made in cash (BUSD) directly to the respective wallet, offering the possibility of unlimited and perpetual referral bonuses for every referred user.