USDFI is the protocol for protocols offering the full tech stack

In a unregulated ecosystem, the creation of new pools is open to all projects. At USDFI, the responsibility of managing this process is delegated to a DAO to ensure a higher level of security and user convenience. Although new projects are permitted to create and manage their own pools, USDFI differentiates itself by relying on regulatory mechanisms to safeguard the system and its users from a deluge of new pools. For developers seeking to create a new pool on the USDFI network, they must first request approval from the DAO, which subsequently provides the project the opportunity to generate deep liquidity and volume on their own token.

It is important to specify which tokens are to be used (including contract addresses), any existing audits, project information, how many fee rewards the partner would like to receive and whether and how much you would like to contribute to the pool yourself. If this information is available, the application is checked by the USDFI team and the respective farm is activated.

We consider an ecosystem farm that is whitelisted to be less perceived risk because the development team responsible for adding that farm has contacted us, giving us the opportunity to perform due diligence on the project, similar to our token whitelisting process. This prior review minimizes the risk to the community. However, there is of course always some residual risk, which is why each user is responsible for their own actions.

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