Security and audit

Are my assets safe? Have you been audited?

USDFI is the only dedicated decentralized exchange globally with a ChainSecurity audit on the BNB chain, offering the best-in-class blockchain security known. Some background: Security is the most important thing at USDFI, bar none. That’s why we’re proud to say USDFI is audited by ChainSecurity.

ChainSecurity has its roots in ETH Zurich (Switzerland), one of the leading universities for Computer Science in the world, where a team of researchers (with the support of the Ethereum Foundation) founded ChainSecurity.

The team has developed tools like Securify and VerX; and gained visibility during the Ethereum Constantinople and Berlin hard forks, as it discovered issues. Today, ChainSecurity is responsible for the security audits of the biggest names in DeFi and is responsible for the security of, inter alia, MakerDAO, Lido, Curve Finance, AAVE, Compound, Uniswap, Polkadot, KyberSwap and 1inch.

Do you take custody of my assets when you provide any of your services?

Never ever! With USDFI, you don’t need to trust anyone. That’s the promise. The only thing you need to trust is the math. Everything at USDFI is transparent, immutable, and verifiable to all. Always.

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