Bank transfer

Click "Buy Crypto"

You can choose between bank transfer or pay via Credit Card. Click "By bank transfer".

Enter your Country code and your Phone number.

You will receive a six-digit confirmation code via SMS, which you must enter in the boxes.

Enter your E-mail address for verification and accept the terms and conditions of Mt. Pelerin.

Now you are registered for non-KYC transactions within these limits.

Select your wallet for verification.

For this example, we choose MetaMask.

Select your wallet address in MetaMask to be connected.

Use the Button "Validate this address" to start the validation process between the Mt. Pelerin App and your MetaMask

Confirm the pop-ups

Check your e-mails. You'll get a confirmation e-mail from

You have to wait until the compliance department has reviewed your data.

When the review is finished, you can complete your KYC if required. KYC registration removes all transaction limits

Upload a picture of your ID card or passport and a selfie

Enter additional information

Enter your residential address

Upload proof of address

The KYC review can take up to 3 business days. You'll get an update via e-mail once identification is complete

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