USDFI's mission is to create market-leading DeFi products that connect all crypto users in one digital ecosystem. With Money Legos, both liquidity miners and liquidity providers are offered a unique marketplace. USDFI's platform provides the infrastructure with the best user experience, minimizing complexity and costs for users while maximizing capital efficiency and yields.
DeFi is constantly changing. USDFI strives to offer its users an as large and up-to-date environment as possible to help allocating liquidity to the latest DeFi opportunities available.
In addition, users can create custom money legos themselves, subject to a whitelist approval. A gatekeeper function helps to avoid the creation random money legos.

What are Money Legos? What is composability?

Money Legos or DeFi Legos refers to the idea of composability, the combination of simple protocols that are already doing something very well on their own, into a brand new protocol or service.
The traditional financial system has limitations on practical composability due to its permissioned nature, high barrier to entry, costs, and more.
Composability is one of the core features of decentralised finance. When you use DeFi, you can interact with protocols in limitless combinations, stacking your activities on top of one another like building blocks (Money Legos) to create previously unimaginable use cases and financial products.

What are USDFI's Money Legos?

In a nutshell, USDFI's Money Legos is Money-Legos-as-a-Service (MLaaS). USDFI offers the most convenient "1-Click stake now" option in DeFi; all while leveraging the best investment opportunities available.

How can users benefit from USDFI's Money Legos?

DeFi today lacks user experience. It's a complicated network of specialised protocols where users need to jump from one protocol to another to find the services they need. This can be inefficient, costly, or risky. That’s not a good thing. USDFI introduces a DeFi solution that provides a complete DeFi ecosystem under one roof. A simple solution to reduce complexity and costs. USDFI's "1-Click stake now" Money Legos form an integral part of the ecosystem for the benefit the community. Less costs, less complexity and less time wasted equals happier users.

Does USDFI charge fees for Money Legos?

Investing in USDFI's Money Legos is free: There are no deposit or withdrawal fees. USDFI charges a 10% performance fee. Users and the protocol will incur standard blockchain transaction fees. Underlying protocols may charge fees. USDFI has no influence on this.

How do USDFI's Money Legos help DeFi?

USDFI is creating, allocating and pooling liquidity into stacks of the most exciting DeFi protocols with sustainable yields. Rather than trying to incentivise liquidity directly with a reward token that will inevitable go to zero, USDFI strives to incentivise indirectly by offering sustainable returns to all users involved. USDFI helps to channel liquidity into blue chip DeFi partner protocols with zero extra costs for its users. Pooled liquidity flowing into money legos helps to reduce costs for the individual user, leading to higher returns. Because liquidity is the lifeline of DeFi, USDFI helps the underlying protocols to become more sustainable and scalable. As the building blocks of DeFi scale, users of USDFI's Money Legos get more sustainable and predictable yields. Win-win.

Whats the difference between money legos and farms/pools?

With money legos it's possible to achieve higher yields more sustainably, because a clever combination of money legos and pooled liquidity is more profitable than "direct-single-user-staking" in liquidity pools. Additionally, you can transfer liquidity back to your wallet quicker while keeping custody of your funds at all times. Simply put, Money Legos help to overcome the complexity of DeFi and help you to navigate your crypto towards the most attractive opportunities in DeFi.

How can USDFI's Money Legos help to stabilize returns?

USDFI's Money Lego rewards are paid in USDFI. Because you're receiving a stablecoin and not a volatile reward token, you're able to "lock-in" the APR you see on a daily basis. What you see is what you get. USDFI helps to mitigate downward price risk, without the need to constantly claim and sell your rewards. Reward tokens typically suffer from intense selling pressure and tend to trend down in price over time, forcing liquidity miners to repeatedly claim and sell as quickly as possible.

Why USDFI and what's "Boosted USDFI APR"?

USDFI is the first and only truly decentralized non-custodial stablecoin. USDFI does not rely on any $USD-linked assets (like other $-stablecoins) to maintain its peg. It's by design unstable at first but - as the design matures - stable at last. During this process, USDFI users have the opportunity to earn extra yield if they hodl USDFI until parity is re-established. If USDFI is trading under peg, the additional yield is reflected in the "Boosted USDFI APR" value (calculated as potential upside until repeg).
a) Money Lego XYZ: USDFI is trading temporarily under peg (USDFI/USD=0.9)
Current USDFI APR: 10%
LP Base APR: 5.2%
Repeg boost APR: 0.53%
USDFI boost factor: x1.11
Boosted USDFI APR: 10.53%
b) Money Lego XYZ: USDFI is trading at peg (USDFI/USD=1.0)
Current USDFI APR: 10%
LP Base APR: 5.2%
Repeg boost APR: 0%
USDFI boost factor: -
Boosted USDFI APR: 10%