General questions about USDFI

What is the USDFI Protocol?

The first live implementation of a foundational universal DeFi banking protocol powering a truly decentralized currency. Short description, but there’s a lot to unpack!

What’s so special about USDFI?

It’s DeFi’s first Universal Banking layer offering all core DeFi services in one place. No matter if you require liquidity, lending/borrowing or a stablecoin, we’ve got you covered. Also, USDFI serves as your universal DeFi UX/UI-Layer and offers access to your favorite Money Legos across DeFi with 1-click.

What’s USDFI? A protocol or a stablecoin? I’m confused.

There’s USDFI (the protocol) and USDFI (the token - and native stablecoin of the protocol). That’s it. Short and simple!

Why would I use USDFI?

DeFi today lacks user experience. It involves navigating through a complex network of specialized protocols, often requiring users to switch between multiple platforms to access the services they require. This can lead to frustration, high costs, and increased risks. USDFI is here to fill the gap and provide a seamless DeFi experience across all verticals.